Information Technology solutions

Business Intelligence (BI) applications and technologies enable organizations to make more informed business decisions, creating a competitive advantage for any company who chooses to use it. BI systems help companies develop a better and more consistent decision support system since all the data is data-based --producing better results than basing decisions on "guesswork."

Advantecs provides a variety of Business Intelligence services that help enterprise wide optimization of business performance. Advantecs leverages the uses of business intelligence consulting by understanding and innovatively approaching each scenario to create an efficient business intelligence environment, causing dramatic improvement on the return on investment of it’s clients.

Developed in the mid-1980s, modern BI evolved from 1960s-era decision support systems (DSS), which, with help of computer-aided models, assisted with planning and decision-making, leading to executive information systems (EIS), data warehouses (DW), OLAP and BI. BI did not achieve widespread acceptance until the late 1990s.

BI software applications are used to gather data from data warehouses or data marts, which are separate yet linked BI architectural stack segments used for the preparation and use of data.

BI is used for multiple business purposes, including:

  • Measurement of performance and benchmarking progress toward business goals
  • Quantitative analysis through predictive analytics, predictive modeling, business process modeling and statistical analysis
  • Reporting of departmental/divisional and enterprise perspectives of data visualization, EISs and OLAP
  • Collaborative programs that allow internal and external business entities to collaborate through electronic data interchange (EDI) and data sharing
  • Use of knowledge management programs to identify and create insights and experiences for learning management and regulatory compliance